So my alma mater, today, unveiled a new campaign including new pictures, videos, a new tagline - “Make It Real.” and a new university seal. I knew this was coming and saw everything a while ago when I worked for the university and I hated it then. It is embarrassing to say the least. I’m just so confused how the university could spend $500,000 in public money and miss so bad. 

A little background. The new seal features the two original schools at the college: MCV and RPI. In 1968, these schools merged to form what is now known as VCU. It features a building on the MCV campus - “The Egyptian Building.” It is, perhaps, the most irrelevant of all buildings at the University and I didn’t once, in my four years at the university, see that building in person. Its so far out of the way, no one cares. Not to mention, the seal that they used is actually just a rendition on the MCV Foundation’s old seal. 

My problem is this. That seal does not represent me or the university i went to. The tagline implies something that VCU is often made fun of for - for not being a “real school.” To everyone and to anyone who has gone to VCU in the past 43 years knows how “real” the school is and how much that stigma sucks. We aren’t UVA, nor are we VT which is our national downfall, no matter who says otherwise. The tag “Make It Real.” is like a desperate plea for someone to recognize the university as a real school. Its embarrassing. 

That’s why I have pulled all of my donations from the school (aside from athletics) and I don’t plan on going back on my decision any time soon. This new campaign is a phoned-in horrible attempt at rebranding and VCU’s upper-level staff and Creative Services should be ashamed of themselves. 


#COSIGN. Glad to know I’m not alone in all the things I’m feeling about this campaign. Personally I think the “Make it happen” line from the gym’s freebies last year would have been better.

Not to mention the logo functions terribly as a logo. And I doubt that anyone from the graphic design program was consulted about any of this.

Seriously, VCU, you have the 4th highest ranked graphic design program in the country behind RISD, Cranbrook, and Yale, according to Newsweek. Start using it.

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    Whoa. So, I almost worked on this logo during my internship last summer — at nameless place ‘cause this is just kind of...
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    I just can’t take dudeman in the sunglasses seriously. This makes us look lame
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    thats where it comes from? from fighting the stigma of vcu ‘not being a real college?’ wut why would we even want to...
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    This is so strange. The Egyptian building is a really fascinating piece of 19th century Egyptian Revival architecture,...
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    My degree is apparently Fake, since only now are they making them Real. That’s what this says to me.
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    Thanks for getting me discouraged on my second day, everyone.
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    well, now isn’t this embarrassing.
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    Not to mention the logo functions terribly as a logo. And I doubt that anyone from the graphic design program was...
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    Oh Lord
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    how bout no. this be ratchet niggas.
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    Hate it. Such a business.
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    The new seal/logotype/bar also looks like a jumbled mess. The big Univers logo by itself was not that exciting, but...
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    #COSIGN. Glad to know I’m not alone in all the things I’m feeling about this campaign. Personally I think the “Make it...
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  26. aconstantransit said: I am simply liking this because I completely agree with what you’ve had to say.
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