You know that feeling when you first hear an album, listen to it over and over, and then promptly become too comfortable and sick of it, toss it to the side and forget about it for months and months? And then one day, you just happen upon it again and realize all over again why you were so madly in love with it? That just happened with this album. So perfect.

I left my heart to the wild hunt a-comin’
I live until the call
And I plan to be forgotten when I’m gone
Yes I’ll be leavin’ in the fall

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  10. radioon said: Same thing happened with me and this album. Appreciate it fully, then move to the “Sometimes the blues…” EP
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  12. enicoleh said: I first heard him on one of the lablogotheque sessions. His voice changes the way you feel about life when you’re listening to him.
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